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You can move (port) your existing number with your current provider over to 2ndNumber.tel. There is a one off porting in charge of $10. Below is a checklist of the details you'll need to email over to us at porting@2ndnumber.tel. The port-in charge can be paid following this link.

Porting UK numbers to 2ndNumber

Landline Numbers

The process is very particular, but here is a to-do list to ensure the process completes smoothly:

  1. Call the customer services number for your current provider (eg. BT, Virgin, TalkTalk, Vonage etc)
  2. Confirm with them your MBN (Main Billing Number)
  3. Confirm your billing address and postcode AND installation address (these can and often are different)
  4. Confirm whether your number/s are single or multi lines
  5. Confirm the entire list of number/s on your account (if you have multiple numbers or DDIs)

Once you have this information, please email the details to porting@2ndNumber.tel. We will then prepare a porting form that will be emailed to you. You will be required to sign and scan/photograph this porting form back to us. We can then begin the procedure to port in the number. Depending on the provider this takes 5-10 working days for single numbers and up to 21 days for multiple numbers that are part of a range/block.

Mobile Numbers

Porting mobile numbers is much easier, you just need to ask for the PAC code for your mobile number and provide it to us at porting@2ndNumber.tel along with the phone number you're wanting to port. It normally takes a day or two to port the number over, but once it is ported, it'll be ready to use in your 2ndNumber dashboard to call and text.

You can normally get your PAC code by texting a special number - the provider replies to the SMS with the PAC code. Many providers will send the PAC code by texting PAC to 65075 so we recommend giving that a try first. If that doesn't work, do check with your provider on the best way to get the PAC code.

Porting US/Canadian numbers to 2ndNumber

To move/port your existing US or Canadian number over to 2ndNumber, we'll need the following information:

  1. Your desired port-in date (we recommend no sooner than 5 days in the future)
  2. Your account number with the existing provider. This is normally shown on your bill or sometimes can simply be the phone number itself
  3. Account PIN (if required)
  4. Account telephone number - the contact number for your account with the current provider
  5. The name of the "port-in authorizer" - this would normally be the customer name that features on your phone bill from the current provider
  6. A "port-in auth date" - this is the date you received the port out PIN (see below). If you don't need a port out PIN, then 2ndNumber will use today's date
  7. A "port-out PIN" if required. If your provider requires a port-out PIN, we will need this
  8. We will need your residental address for the number too

Once you have this information, please email the details to porting@2ndNumber.tel and we will begin the process. Porting normally takes 5-10 working days, depending on the losing provider, but often happens quicker than this.

I've sent you the paperwork, now what happens?

Once the number ports over to 2ndNumber, the number you were given when you signed up to 2ndNumber will be replaced. So basically, your login details will change so that you log in with the phone number you ported over to us, and not the number we gave you when you signed up. You can still choose to keep the number we gave you (if you were using it while you were waiting for your number to port over to us), but it would require a separate 2ndNumber account, which is paid for separately.


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