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Starting the WebPhone

Once you are logged into your 2ndNumber account, you can make calls to the contacts you receive messages from, or, call directly from the softphone. There are two ways of doing this:

As you can see from the image above, you can tap the 📞 icon next to the contact's name/number to call them directly. OR, tap the 📞 icon in the left hand bar. The 2ndNumber WebPhone will appear:

You will see that the phone number is already entered. Now it is simply a case of pressing the Dial button to dial the contact. Alternatively you can tap the 📞 on the left hand side to dial a number manually.

Points to note:

  1. If you are calling from your laptop or PC, the WebPhone will use your webcam's microphone and your computer's speaker. So make sure you have it switched on. If you have more than one microphone running on your computer you can select it from Chrome's permissions button as shown here:

  2. When the WebPhone appears on your screen, it will need to connect to our servers first, so give it around 3 seconds before hitting the 'Dial' button. Many webcams come with an LED light that will light up to let you know you're connected and ready to make and receive calls.

Dialing Internationally

If you are not dialling a number from a contact in your SMS messages list, you will need to dial the number in international format. This means starting the number with 00 then the country code. eg:

USA: 001
UK:   0044

Depending on the plan you have with us, it may only be possible to dial USA or UK numbers. To dial international numbers, you will need to purchase additional credits. More details can be found under 'Pricing' on our website at

Receiving Calls

To receive a call, you must have the WebPhone window open. If you are on your smartphone, you can just leave the browser window open in the background, or if you are on your computer, just leave a browser tab open. When a call comes in, you can simply tap the "Answer" or "Reject" button:

If you reject the call, the call will go directly to your voicemail message. If you answer the call, then your smartphone or computer will begin the call for you and you simply have to begin speaking.

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