Checking voicemail and recording a greeting

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Once you are logged into your 2ndNumber account, you must go to the WebPhone to set a voicemail greeting and check voicemails that may have been left while your WebPhone was offline:

Click on the 📞 icon on the left hand side. When the WebPhone appears, dial *97 to access the voicemail system:

You will be asked for a password. This is by default: 123. Now you may check your voicemail by selecting option 1 and following the prompts.

To record a greeting for your voicemail, select option 0. You will now be given the choice of recording an 'Unavailable' greeting and a 'Busy' greeting. An 'Unavailable' greeting will be played to the caller when you don't answer your phone in time. A 'Busy' greeting will be played when you are already occupied on another call when the caller rings in.



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